In the Media

In the Media

11/12/20, BBC News Mundo, Coronavirus: cómo escapar a la "era de las pandemias"

11/10/20, U.S. News & World Report, Ebola's Hidden Spread May Be Greater than Thought

11/08/20, National Geographic, The WHO is hunting for the coronavirus’s origins. Here are the new details.

10/18/20, Freethink, A Deadly Virus Emerged in South Africa in 2008. Then It Vanished.

10/16/20, Woodland Daily Democrat, Wildlife network works to heal animals injured by wildfires

10/16/20, Lady Freethinker, New Wildlife Disaster Network will same animals injured in CA wildfires

10/14/20, JAVMA news, Veterinarians Could Lead Sustainability Efforts

10/12/20, KGO TV ABC 7 News, Newly formed Wildlife Disaster Network rescues, rehabilitates animals burned in CA wildfires

10/09/20, World Economic Forum, It's not just humans hit by California's wildfires. Rescue teams are saving animals too

10/08/20, Yahoo News, Rescued mountain lion cub recovers her roar

10/06/20, CBS Sacramento, Wildlife Disaster Network Treats Animals Burned In Wildlfires

10/06/20, KTVU, New network established to treat wildlife injured by wildfires

10/06/20, Sierra Sun Times, UC Davis Reports Wildlife Disaster Network Mobilizes Aid for Burned, Injured California Wildlife

10/05/20, YubaNet, Wildlife Disaster Network Mobilizes Aid for Burned, Injured Wildlife

09/02/20, Vet Times, Vets to lead search for the next potential pandemic

08/31/20, Irish Medical Times, Threats posed by pandemics now apparent after Covid-19

08/20/20, Yahoo Singapore News, Into the unknown: virus hunters and their quest to stop the next pandemic

7/3/20, Babbage - The Economist Podcast, How to Predict - and Prevent - the Next Pandemic

7/20, Smithsonian Magazine, The Virus Hunters

6/24/20, Outside, How Do We Prevent the Next Pandemic?

6/19/20, Synergy Magazine, A New Era in One Health

6/16/20, National Geographic, On the hunt for the next deadly virus

5/22/20, KDRT Community Radio, COVID-19 Community Report Episode 20: Speaking with UC Davis One Health Institute's Dr. Jonna Mazet

5/22/20, Freethink, Bats Are Not The Enemy

5/21/20, National Geographic, Did a mink just give the coronavirus to a human? Here’s what we know.

5/20/20, The Times of India, ‘If you want to understand the next emerging infectious disease, you cannot ignore environment or animals’

5//20/20, Vice, The Obvious Government Mistake That Could Make Future Pandemics Even Worse

5/20/20, National Geographic, These endangered whales are disturbingly thin—why that matters

5/19/20, Bloomberg Law, Wildlife-Borne Disease Fight Requires Military Savvy, Panel Told

5/18/20, Earth Island Journal, Wildlife Tourism Can Pose Disease Threat to Wild Animals

5/13/20, Global Citizen, How Deforestation Increases the Risk of Disease Outbreaks Like COVID-19

5/13/20, Hindustan Times, ‘Deforestation, exploitation of wildlife leads to pandemics like Covid-19’: Epidemiologist

5/12/20, Ensia, “We Don't Know What Else is Out There." Five Ways New Diseases Emerge—and What We Can Do About Them

5/9/20, CNBC, Wildlife habitat destruction and deforestation will cause more deadly pandemics like coronavirus, scientists warn

5/9/20, FreeThink, Hunting Zoonotic Diseases Before an Outbreak

5/7/20, The Guardian, 'Promiscuous treatment of nature' will lead to more pandemics – scientists

5/7/20, DownToEarth, Understanding Zoonotic Diseases: ‘Humans Tend to Be Naive to Emerging Viruses’

5/6/20, Woodland Daily Democrat, Yolo County Bats Are No Cause for Concern

5/5/20, Newsweek, 'Tiger King' Star Says America's Unregulated Zoos Could Be putting Thousands of Tigers at Risk of COVID-19 

5/5/20, KUNR Public Radio: Stopping The Next Pandemic: Catching Animal Viruses Before They Mutate To Infect Humans

5/4/20, BBC World News: The Documentary, The virus hunters (audio)

4/29/20, Grist, Deadly Leaps

4/27/20, CapRadio, Can California Bats Carry COVID-19? It's Unclear, But Experts Say They're More Likely To Catch It From Humans Than Spread It

4/26/20, CNN, The virus hunters who search bat caves to predict the next pandemic

4/24/20, Finding Genius Podcast, Global Virus Tracking by Science Consortium: One Health Institute's Jonna Mazet Discusses their Work

4/24/20,  Greenpeace Unearthed, Breaking down the Amazon: how deforestation could drive the next pandemic

4/22/20, Nautilus, The Ecological Vision That Will Save Us

4/21/20, Australia's Science Channel, Exploitation of wildlife is the fast track to more infectious diseases

4/21/20, The Wall Street Journal, China Bat Expert Says Her Wuhan Lab Wasn’t Source of New Coronavirus (requires online subscription)

4/21/20, HuffPost, Environmental Destruction Brought Us COVID-19. What It Brings Next Could Be Far Worse.

4/19/20, BBC News, Virus Spillover

4/18/20, The Economist, Bats spread viruses: But they are no worse in this respect than other species

4/16/20, BBC News: Mundo, Coronavirus: Si queremos evitar que los virus se transformen en pandemias debemos cambiar radicalmente nuestros patrones de consumo (Sp)

4/16/20, Knowable Magazine, Q&A — Epidemiologist Jonna Mazet/Infectious disease: Making — and breaking — the animal connection

4/15/20, National Geographic, There are more viruses than stars in the universe. Why do only some infect us?

4/14/20, Open Forum-Australia, Don’t blame the pangolin

4/14/20, UC Davis Dateline, Supply Chain Team Quick, Creative Amid Pandemic

4/13/20, Canada's National Observer, The link between viruses, habitat destruction and climate change

4/12/20, The Los Angeles Times, Trump, Congress scramble to revive virus-hunting agency that was marked for cuts 

4/10/20, Popular Science, We probably won't see the next COVID-19 coming

4/10/20, The Verge, To prevent the next pandemic, scientists search for animal zero

4/10/20, NBC-San Diego, Down to Earth: Zoonotic Disease 

4/9/20, BBC Sounds: Science in Action, Covid-19 – the threats to refugees (Interview with Dr. Kreuder Johnson begins at 8:12)

4/9/20, Cosmos, Wildlife exploitation = infectious disease risk

4/9/20, Scientias, We Owe This Pandemic Partly to Ourselves (Netherlands)

4/9/20, Gizmodo, To Prevent the Next Pandemic, Leave Animals Alone

4/8/20, The Washington Post, The mystery of how a tiger caught covid-19 has experts chasing their tails (requires online subscription)

4/8/20, BBC News, Coronavirus: Exploiting nature 'drives outbreaks of new diseases'

4/8/2020, Bloomberg, Want to Stop the Next Pandemic? Start Protecting Wildlife Habitats

4/8/20, De Groene Amsterdammer, It's Not the Bat's Fault (Dutch)

4/8/20, The Telegraph, Human encroachment on animal habitats risks more global pandemics, study says

4/7/20, CapRadio: Insight, Animals And COVID-19 Susceptibility

4/7/20, ABC News, Deforestation isn't just an environmental problem. It's a public health crisis.

4/7/20, The San Francisco Chronicle, As humans take animals’ territory, greater risk of contagions like coronavirus being transmitted (requires online subscription)

4/7/20, The Guardian, Human impact on wildlife to blame for spread of viruses, says study

4/7/20, Newsweek, Risk of Virus Spillover from Animals to Humans Increases through Wildlife Exploitation and Domestication

4/7/20, CNN, A real life 'Contagion': Humans may be to blame for viruses jumping from animals to us

4/7/20, The Daily Mail, Human exploitation of wildlife and their habitats is directly to blame for the increased spread of viruses from animals to humans, study claims

4/6/20, This Podcast Will Kill You, Spillover

4/6/20, South China Morning Post, Coronavirus: One virus caused Covid-19. Scientists say thousands more are in waiting

4/5/20, A Shot in the Arm Podcast, COVID-19: The Front Line of Facts and Predictions

4/5/20, Ozy, Why is America Pulling Back Those Tracking Future Pandemics

4/5/20, KCWR: Second Opinion, Missed lessons from the Ebola Outbreak 

4/3/20, Scientific American, Why the Coronavirus Slipped Past Disease Detectives

4/2/20, The Los Angeles Times, Trump administration ended pandemic early-warning program to detect coronaviruses

4/2/20, NBC-Boston, Virus Hunters Hobbled as Pandemic Broke Out Get Emergency Reprieve — For Now

4/1/20, Just the News., Feds extend program that focuses on viruses transmitted from animals to humans, amid coronavirus

3/31/20, National Geographic, Ball python exports raise concerns as demand for the popular pet grows

3/31/20, Fox 40 News, UC Davis laboratory receives extension to continue coronavirus research

3/30/20, Atlas Obscura, What Do California Otters and Virginia Opossums Have In Common?

3/30/20, ABC News, Counties without coronavirus are mostly rural, poor

3/29/20, KCWR: Second Opinion, Disease patterns and planetary health

3/29/20, The Good Men Project, How Cat Poop Kills California Sea Otters

3/28/20, CGTN America, Full Frame: Widespread with Jonna Mazet

3/26/20, KQED, Can I Get COVID-19 From My Dog? 6 Questions About Pets and the Coronavirus Answered by Experts

3/20/20, CapRadio: Insight, Gov. Newsom Leaves Out Key Context In Claim 56% Of Californians Will Get Infected With Coronavirus

3/19/20, ABC-1O News, UC Davis researchers working on preventing spread of diseases like coronavirus

3/18/20, The Guardian, 'Tip of the iceberg': is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?

3/17/20, Agri-Pulse, Five questions on infectious disease research and policy with Dean Lairmore

3/15/20, HBO Axios, Season 3, Episode 3, A Real-time Discovery of the First Case of COVID-129 in Nepal

3/13/20, CalMatters, Schools shut down in massive numbers across California amid coronavirus fears

3/12/20, Nautilus, The Man Who Saw the Pandemic Coming

3/12/20, Healthline, Here’s How COVID-19 Compares to Past Outbreaks

3/12/20,, US may have already failed to contain COVID-19, experts say

3/9/20, Scientific American, What Could Warming Mean for Pathogens like Coronavirus?

3/6/20, The Washington PostU.S. coronavirus fatality rate could be lower than global rate so far (requires online subscription)

3/3/20,, Suspicious pattern of coronavirus infection hints that hundreds may be undiagnosed

3/2/20, CapRadio: Insight, Coronavirus Update Following Weekend News Of Spread

2/28/20, PBS NewsHour, A pandemic expert questions speed of U.S. response to novel coronavirus

2/28/20, The Sacramento Bee, Why coronavirus could have slipped into U.S. long before screenings, travel restrictions

2/27/20, The New York Times, We Knew Disease X was Coming. It's Here Now.

2/17/20, SETI Institute, Big Science Podcast

2/14/20, CBC Radio: How climate change could make outbreaks like COVID-19 more common

2/14/20, The California Aggie, Wuhan coronavirus brings worldwide consequences

2/12/20, The New York TimesCoronavirus Cases Seemed to Be Leveling Off. Not Anymore.

2/11/20, TimeCoronavirus Researchers Are Using High-Tech Methods to Predict Where the Virus Might Go Next

2/7/20, The Washington Post, A Smithsonian Team Discovered a New Coronavirus and the Story Behind that Effort Shows What it Takes to Get Ahead of Potential Pandemics (requires online subscription)

2/7/20, The Washington Post, Coronavirus came from bats or possibly pangolins amid ‘acceleration’ of new zoonotic infections (requires online subscription)

2/6/20, Facebook Live: UC Davis, Experts Discuss Novel Coronavirus

2/6/20, Newsweek, Melting Glaciers and Thawing Permafrost could Release Ancient Viruses Locked Away for Thousands of Years

1/31/20, The New York TimesCalifornia and Coronavirus: Eight Cases Are Confirmed in the State

1/30/20, Medscape, 2019-nCoV: Just a Stop on the Zoonotic Highway

1/30/20, The Sacramento Bee, Coronavirus declared global health emergency: Here’s what Californians need to know

1/29/20 The Daily Beast, The Next Coronavirus Nightmare Is Closer Than You Think

1/29/20, CapRadio: Insight, Coronavirus Update

1/26/20, Davis Enterprise, UCD professor sheds light on coronavirus

1/26/20, Pet Buzz Radio: The Pet Buzz week of January 26 - Coronavirus, Groundhogs & Pit Bull Ban in Denver

1/24/20, KQED: Forum, Your Questions Answered About the Coronavirus

1/24/20, Science Daily, Marburg virus found in Sierra Leone bats

1/24/20, SciTech Daily, Ebola-Like Marburg Virus Found in Sierra Leone Bats

1/24/20, News Medical, Scientists detect Marburg virus in Sierra Leone fruit bats

1/15/20, JAVMA News, Pandemic prevention program ending after 10 years

11/7/19, NBC News, A deadly virus is spreading in marine mammals. Scientists say climate change is to blame.

11/7/19, National Geographic, Deadly virus spreads among marine mammals as Arctic ice melts

10/29/19, Vox, A crucial federal program tracking dangerous diseases is shutting down

10/25/19, The New York Times, Scientists Were Hunting for the Next Ebola. Now the U.S. Has Cut Off Their Funding.

10/10/19, The Sacramento Bee, UC Davis gets $85 million to lead fight to prevent deadly Asian, African pandemics

10/9/19, NPR - Goats and Soda, Zika: Researchers Are Learning More About The Long-Term Consequences For Children

9/27/19, Le Figaro, Virus Hunters Want to Prevent the Next Global Pandemic (FR)

8/28/19, The New York Times, What’s Killing California’s Sea Otters? House Cats

4/15/19, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA), Pre-empting zoonotic disease threats

3/4/19, Geographical magazine, Predicting the unidentified carriers of zika, dengue and yellow fever

2/19//19, Woodland Daily Democrat, UC Davis receives $9M to study ‘zoonotic’ threats

1/24/19, The New York Times, Deadly Ebola Virus Is Found in Liberian Bat, Researchers Say

1/8/19, The Telegraph: 'Virus hunters' identify common European birds as hosts of deadly Asian disease

1/7/19, Daily Mail: Where Will the World’s Next Zika, West Nile or Dengue Come From?

12/24/18, The New York Times: Marburg Virus, Related to Ebola, Is Found in Bats in West Africa

12/20/18, The Washington Post: Deadly Marburg virus found in bats in Sierra Leone

12/12/18, ScienceDaily: Tiny tech tracks hummingbirds at urban feeders

10/5/2018, The Telegraph: Virus hunters: Meet the scientists searching for Disease X

9/10/18, ABC10: Geek Lab: Climate and carbon 

9/10/18, CapPublicRadio: Preparing Agriculture For the Climate of the Future 

9/7/2018, The New York Times: Hundreds of Seals Are Dying on the New England Coast

7/27/18, Stat: New Ebola species is reported for first time in a decade

7/10/2018, The Telegraph: Virus hunters identify two new pathogens in Myanmar

7/9/2018, The New York Times: Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Are Starving and Disappearing

7/5/2018, The Tribune: Want to ditch plastic straws? Try sipping out of a hay stem — for real

6/26/2018, El Mercurio, Dogs are a serious problem for their attacks on livestock (en Español)

6/24/2018, The Guardian, Scientists aim to stop the devastation of Zika-like pandemics

6/22/2018, Audobon: This Common Form of Plastic Pollution Is a Menace to Birds

3/19/2018, The California Aggie, Is the end of the pandemic era approaching?

2/26/18, CNBC: Scientists launch an ambitious effort to find viruses lurking in the wild that could cause pandemics

1/25/2018, Smithsonian Magazine, Can Virus Hunters Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Happens?