In the Media

In the Media

11/7/19, National Geographic, Deadly virus spreads among marine mammals as Arctic ice melts

10/29/19, Vox, A crucial federal program tracking dangerous diseases is shutting down

10/25/19, The New York Times, Scientists Were Hunting for the Next Ebola. Now the U.S. Has Cut Off Their Funding.

10/10/19, The Sacramento Bee, UC Davis gets $85 million to lead fight to prevent deadly Asian, African pandemics

10/9/19, NPR - Goats and Soda, Zika: Researchers Are Learning More About The Long-Term Consequences For Children

9/27/19, Le Figaro, Virus Hunters Want to Prevent the Next Global Pandemic (FR)

8/28/19, The New York Times, What’s Killing California’s Sea Otters? House Cats

4/15/19, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA), Pre-empting zoonotic disease threats

3/4/19, Geographical magazine, Predicting the unidentified carriers of zika, dengue and yellow fever

2/19//19, Woodland Daily Democrat, UC Davis receives $9M to study ‘zoonotic’ threats

1/24/19, The New York Times, Deadly Ebola Virus Is Found in Liberian Bat, Researchers Say

1/8/19, The Telegraph: 'Virus hunters' identify common European birds as hosts of deadly Asian disease

1/7/19, Daily Mail: Where Will the World’s Next Zika, West Nile or Dengue Come From?

12/24/18, The New York Times: Marburg Virus, Related to Ebola, Is Found in Bats in West Africa

12/20/18, The Washington Post: Deadly Marburg virus found in bats in Sierra Leone

12/12/18, ScienceDaily: Tiny tech tracks hummingbirds at urban feeders

10/5/2018, The Telegraph: Virus hunters: Meet the scientists searching for Disease X

9/10/18, ABC10: Geek Lab: Climate and carbon 

9/10/18, CapPublicRadio: Preparing Agriculture For the Climate of the Future 

9/7/2018, The New York Times: Hundreds of Seals Are Dying on the New England Coast

7/27/18, Stat: New Ebola species is reported for first time in a decade

7/10/2018, The Telegraph: Virus hunters identify two new pathogens in Myanmar

7/9/2018, The New York Times: Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Are Starving and Disappearing

7/5/2018, The Tribune: Want to ditch plastic straws? Try sipping out of a hay stem — for real

6/26/2018, El Mercurio, Dogs are a serious problem for their attacks on livestock (en Español)

6/24/2018, The Guardian, Scientists aim to stop the devastation of Zika-like pandemics

6/22/2018, Audobon: This Common Form of Plastic Pollution Is a Menace to Birds

3/19/2018, The California Aggie, Is the end of the pandemic era approaching?

2/26/18, CNBC: Scientists launch an ambitious effort to find viruses lurking in the wild that could cause pandemics

1/25/2018, Smithsonian Magazine, Can Virus Hunters Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Happens?