veterinarians treating burned mountain lion

Wildlife Disaster Network

Wildlife Disaster Network (WDN)

With the overarching goal to aid wildlife in need during any disaster situation, the Wildlife Disaster Network (WDN) was created by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in partnership with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's Wildlife Health Lab. Over the last several years, wildfires have ripped through California causing massive destruction and devastation in their wake. In addition to people and domestic animals, wildlife is also affected, often becoming trapped by fast moving flames and enduring severe burns. Without assistance, injured wildlife are left to suffer and succumb to their injuries or die from starvation and dehydration. During a disaster, the WDN manages a hotline as means for first responders, utility workers, and the public to call and report sighting of injured wildlife. After receiving a call about an animal in need, the team is mobilized, oftentimes venturing off-road into rugged disaster zones on search-and-rescue missions. Once an injured animal is located, the team collaborates to capture, medically stabilize, and transfer it to a field hospital or rehabilitation center for further veterinary care.

Project Leads

  • Jamie Peyton, DVM, DACVECC, CVC, CVA, CCRT
  • Eric Johnson, DVM, DACVR
  • Deana Clifford, DVM, MPVM, PhD
  • Michael Ziccardi, DVM, MPVM, PhD

Affiliated Organizations

  • UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center / Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN)
  • Wildlife Health Lab (California Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Founding Date

August 2020


This program relies on donor support.