bat sampling in Tanzania

Rx One Health

Rx One Health

The goal of Rx One Health is to provide a “prescription” or Rx for early career health professionals to prepare them for immediate engagement in global health careers that will demand effective problem solving skills, cross-disciplinary engagements, and solid foundations in field and laboratory activities.

Rx One Health is aimed at a level appropriate for recent graduates or students in medical and veterinary schools around the world, as well as other early career health, agriculture, and conservation professionals.

The 4-week, experiential course in East Africa develops participants’ skills for addressing complex global health challenges through hands-on, practical learning experiences, case studies, lectures, group discussions and field exercises. Topics explored include disease transmission, epidemiology, biological complexity, biosecurity, food safety and security and ecosystem dynamics. 

Students also deepen competencies in laboratory and research methods, communications, community engagement, ethics, teamwork and leadership.

For more information on the Rx One Health field course, visit their website.