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Lab rates will increase starting on January 1, 2020

Submit Samples

General guidelines for how to submit samples can be found below. Our Test and Fee Catalogue describes in detail how to submit and ship samples and explains our testing fees. Please note that fees may be subject to change. Contact the lab for bulk testing pricing, research project costs or contract rates. 

Basic Instructions 

  1. Submit samples using the Standard Submission Form
  2. If submitting 10+ samples, also complete the Multiple Animal Reporting Sheet
  3. Email forms to

Fees for services constitute the chief source of funds for the purchase of supplies and materials that are essential for the operation of the laboratory. Fees are kept low by additional financial support to the laboratory through contracts and grants.

Sample submissions

All samples must be submitted with a complete sample submission form. Missing information will cause a delay in the processing of your samples, especially sample type, species, pertinent sample collection information and account information. 


Results will be provided with test interpretation after each sample or batch has been processed and analyzed. Your email address should be included on the sample submission form for timely return of your results.

Turn-around time

Turn-around for most existing tests is 2 weeks or less. Identification of novel disease agents or development of new assays may require a longer turn-around time. 


Each sample batch will be invoiced individually based on the account information provided with the submitted samples upon the return of the results. The account and contact information provided on the sample submission form will be used for invoicing. 



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Shipping Address

Marine Ecosystem Health Diagnostic & Surveillance Laboratory
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We maintain confidentiality of client information and client results, and will not use data for scientific manuscripts or presentations without collaboration and permission from the submitter.