• Project Scientist, One Health Institute

Corina Monagin, DrPH, MPH has been working in the international public health field for over 13 years.  She leads surveillance activities in Guinea and Senegal and Global Monitoring and Evaluation for the USAID-funded PREDICT program led by UC Davis. She also works with the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA)-funded Preventing Emerging Pandemic Threats (PREEMPT) project at UC Davis, where she assists with investigations of Lassa Fever virus ecology, genomics, and spillover dynamics in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Monagin has spent many years living abroad in both Africa and Asia working to establish global surveillance networks and improve Global Health policy related to infectious disease detection, response and control. She spent several years working in collaboration with the World Health Organization and Tulane University in West Africa developing an international infectious disease laboratory network and assisted in increasing laboratory diagnostic capacity throughout the region. Based in Guangzhou, China, she provided logistical and research operational support for sites in China and SE Asia, increasing capacity to control and respond to emerging infectious diseases in the region, including coordinating international outbreak response teams.