Rima D Shrestha, BVSc & AH, MSc, PhD

Rima D Shrestha portrait
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, One Health Institute

Rima is a veterinary epidemiologist and worked on the PREDICT Project in Nepal. She has experience in fieldwork, community training, data mining and analysis, laboratory works, public- and one-health, and project management in both developed and developing countries. She is originally from Nepal and worked for HICAST, Nepal’s government, INGOs, and in private practices, before joining the One Health Institute in 2017.

Major professor:

Christine Kreuder Johnson

Primary affiliation:

PREDICT, EpiCenter for Disease Dynamics

Research interest:

Infectious diseases, neglected tropical diseases 

Recent publications:

Rima D. Shrestha, Anne C. Midwinter, Jonathan C. Marshall, Julie M. Collins-Emerson, Eve J. Pleydell, Nigel P. French. Campylobacter jejuni. Associated with Wild Birds and those Causing Human Disease in Six High-Use Recreational Waterways in New ZealandApplied and Environmental Microbiology. Sep 2019, AEM.01228-19; DOI: 10.1128/AEM.01228-19

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