Yingying Wang, PhD

Yingying Wang

Position Title
Postdoctoral Scholar


Yingying is a postdoctoral scholar at the EpiCenter for Disease Dynamics working to understand the impacts of rapid landscape change and biodiversity on virus-host specificity. She is interested in disease transmission patterns in wildlife and the spillover risk of pathogens from wildlife to humans. During her PhD at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, she studied the main factors that shape infectious disease patterns and how disease risk is impacted by biodiversity changes. She also studied drivers of zoonotic tick-borne pathogens in natural populations at Jyväskylä University in Finland.


Education and Degree(s)
  • PhD
Research Interests & Expertise
  • Disease Ecology, biodiversity loss, zoonotic disease risk to humans
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  • Wang, Y. X., Matson, K. D., Santini, L., Visconti, P., Hilbers, J. P., Huijbregts, M. A., ... & de Boer, W. F. (2021). Mammal assemblage composition predicts global patterns in emerging infectious disease risk. Global Change Biology, 27(20), 4995-5007.
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