thohun students walking together

About the Project

Building on the foundation established by USAID’s Emerging Pandemic Threats RESPOND (2009-2014) and One Health Workforce (2014-2019) Projects, USAID One Health Workforce - Next Generation (OHW-NG) is supporting AFROHUN and SEAOHUN to become global leaders in One Health by delivering state-of-the-art, scalable, and sustainable systems for training and empowering the health workforce. Together, we are creating the “next generation” health workforce that engages across disciplines to ensure human, animal, and environmental health professionals have the capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to our world’s greatest health threats.

Using a variety of training formats, such as One Health student clubs and experiential learning platforms to reach students and workforce professionals, OHW-NG is driving the use of critical One Health competencies that ensure individuals have the knowledge and applied skills to work across disciplines on complex health challenges. OHW-NG is working to enhance AFROHUN and SEAOHUN’s adaptive response and decision-making capabilities and to support the development of strategies for long-term organizational sustainability.

AFROHUN and SEAOHUN, along with members of the project’s Global Consortium, have implemented a variety of training events that hosted over 33,000 participants. Our One Health training activities targeting faculty and students, healthcare workers and other in-service professionals ranged in topics from Antimicrobial Resistance, COVID-19, zoonotic disease, and outbreak preparedness and response, to competency-based education, leadership, gender equity, grant writing, and policy.