one health symposium multimedia contest

2024 Student Multimedia Contest

Contest Guidelines

Students for One Health is happy to announce a Student MultiMedia Contest to be featured at the 2024 One Health Symposium! 


This contest is open to all currently enrolled students (Undergraduate level and above). Students may work in teams or independently.  


To celebrate One Health Day 2024, our theme is Migration & One Health Solutions.

Each submission should address one of the following categories:

  • Category 1: Explain or demonstrate how migration/displacement intersects with the different aspects of One Health. 
  • Category 2: How can the One Health framework be used to address problems that come about from migration/displacement?
Suggested Prompts
  • Provide an example or demonstration of a collaborative or cross-disciplinary relationship, project, or effort that aims to foster well-being and health in the face of migration and/or displacement.
  • Examples may be from personal experiences from your own community, or a researched example from another community. 
  • Illustrate what migration/displacement means to you or your community, or how it affects you or your community, in a creative and original way.


All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Time, September 16th, 2024. Winners will be announced at the One Health Symposium 2024 on October 19th, 2024.

Submission Categories

Break out your creativity!! Submissions can be the following formats:

  1. Short Video
    1. Maximum time is 90 seconds
    2. Non English submissions are allowed as long as there are English subtitles
    3. Videos must be in vertical format
    4. Allowed formats: .mp4
  2. Infographic/Photo Collage
    1. Tells a story either only through photos or through an infographic containing photos and words
    2. Individual photos should be a minimum of 800 x 800 pixels
    3. Allowed formats: .jpeg or .png 
    4. Minimum DPI: 300 dpi 
    5. All text must be in English 
  3. Poster 
    1. Poster Size: A3, 297 x 420 mm (either landscape or portrait) 
    2. Minimum DPI: 300 dpi 
    3. Allowed format: .pdf
    4. All text must be in English
  4. Drawing/Painting/Graphic Design
    1. Allowed submission formats: .jpeg or .png
    2. Must be an original work of art or cites sources of incorporated images
    3. No use of AI
    4. Submissions must be scanned/photographed in good lighting
    5. This section may also include a video highlighting the creative process (following the same guidelines as “Short Video” listed above)

Judging Criteria 

Entries will be evaluated on originality, creativity, visual appeal, technical accuracy, content organization, effective communication of the message, adherence to chosen competition category, inclusivity of gender and other diversity considerations, and presentation value. Entries will be judged by attendees of the One Health Symposium 2024.

Winning submissions, as well as other top submissions, will be displayed on social media outlets. 


There will be one winner per theme category. Each winner will be able to select their prize from a predetermined list of options.


Interested applicants seeking guidance or mentorship can either contact contest moderators or attend a mentoring session in August which will be announced in the near future.