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Recent Press

As COVID-19 continues, experts warn of next pandemic likely to come from animals (ABC News, 3 September 2020)

Coronavirus transmission risk increases along wildlife supply chains (Science Daily, 10 August 2020)

Wildlife Tourism Can Pose Disease Threat to Wild Animals (Earth Island Journal, 18 May 2020)

‘Deforestation, exploitation of wildlife leads to pandemics like Covid-19’: Epidemiologist (Hindustan Times, 13 May 2020)

COVID-19 Briefing Series: UC Research (UCOP, 29 April 2020)

To prevent the next pandemic, scientists search for animal zero (The Verge, 10 April 2020)

Wildlife exploitation = infectious disease risk (Cosmos Magazine, 09 April 2020)

Coronavirus: Exploiting nature 'drives outbreaks of new diseases' (BBC, 08 April 2020)

Why do viruses jump from animals to humans? Clues to the COVID-19 pandemic (Royal Society, 08 April 2020)

A real life 'Contagion': Humans may be to blame for viruses jumping from animals to us (CNN Health, 07 April 2020)

The Link Between Virus Spillover, Wildlife Extinction and the Environment (UC Davis, 07 April 2020)

Habitat Destruction And Biodiversity Loss at the Root of Emerging Infectious Diseases (UC Davis, 07 April 2020)

Risk of Virus Spillover From Animals to Humans Increases Through Wildlife Exploitation and Domestication (Newsweek, 07 April 2020)

What Could Warming Mean for Pathogens like Coronavirus? (Scientific American, 9 March 2020)


Selected Publications

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