PREDICT is committed to open data. We worked with our host government partners around the world to review and approve project data and information for public release. Once approved, One Health surveillance and virus finding data were made freely available to the global community through multiple platforms and in accessible and user-friendly formats. 

USAID’s Data Development Library

The Development Data Library (DDL) is USAID’s publicly available repository for Agency-funded data-on-demand. DDL is actively managed by a staff of data curators making data from projects funded by the Agency available to the US Government and the general public. 

PREDICT data, including our virus findings, are available in the DDL through several data assets that reflect the multiple domains of One Health data collected from 2014-2020. To protect privacy, data from PREDICT human surveillance efforts is available to approved research institutions on the DDL, though access is restricted and subject to USAID approval.


PREDICT virus sequence data is in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Genbank. Through a unique GenBank BioProject, PREDICT data was archived on virus detection across high-risk interfaces using a combination of consensus polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and high through-put sequencing (HTS). This BioProject data is also included in the USAID DDL.