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Rhesus macaque in Nepal

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Articles in peer-reviewed journals


T. Goldstein, S.J. Anthony, A. Gbakima, B.H. Bird, J. Bangura, A. Tremeau-Bravard, M.N. Belaganahalli, H.L. Wells, J.K. Dhanota, E. Liang, M. Grodus, R.K. Jangra, V.A. DeJesus, G. Lasso, B.R. Smith, A. Jambai, B.O. Kamara, S. Kamara, W. Bangura, C. Monagin, S. Shapira, C.K. Johnson, K. Saylors, E.M. Rubin, K. Chandran, W.I. Lipkin and J.A.K. Mazet. 2018. The discovery of Bombali virus adds further support for bats as hosts of ebolaviruses Nature Microbiology. doi: 10.1038/s41564-018-0227-2 (Read our news summary)

T. Smiley Evans, L. Tutaryebwa, K.V. Gilardi, P.A. Barry, A. Marzi, M. Eberhart, B. Ssebide, M.R. Cranfield, O. Mugisha, E. Mugisha, S. Kellermann, J.A.K. Mazet, C.K. Johnson. 2018. Suspected Exposure to Filoviruses Among People Contacting Wildlife in Southwestern Uganda. The Journal of Infectious Diseases. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiy251 (Read our news summary)

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Books and book chapters


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