Building a global atlas of zoonotic viruses

Building a global atlas of zoonotic viruses

Dennis Carroll, Brooke Watson, Eri Togami, Peter Daszak, Jonna A.K. Mazet, Cara J. Chrisman, Edward M. Rubin, Nathan Wolfe, Carlos M. Morel, George F. Gao, Gian Luca Burci, Keiji Fukuda, Prasert Auewarakul & Oyewale Tomori

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This WHO bulletin serves as an introduction to the Global Virome Project (GVP), which seeks to identify the majority of unknown viral diversity, catalogue the ecological conditions at sampling sites, and collect metadata that can be used to analyze the risk of viral spillover into humans. By building capacity in areas with limited laboratory and surveillance measures, enhancing our understanding of the unknown viral diversity, and implementing novel countermeasures aimed at vaccinating against entire viral families, rather than single viruses, GVP hopes to immunize the world against pandemics. 

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