Coconut the Snow Leopard Recovers From Eyelid Surgery

Veterinary staff and student working on a snow leopard at the zoo
From left, fourth year UC Davis veterinary student Alyssa Capuano and Sacramento Zoo Veterinarian and UC Davis Associate Professor Jenessa Gjeltema care for Coconut, a snow leopard at the Sacramento Zoo. The team also gave Coconut a full physical exam, took radiographs, drew blood for analysis and provided vaccines. (Don Preisler/UCDavis)

Coconut, the snow leopard cub born at the Sacramento Zoo earlier this year, underwent a rare eyelid surgery on Wednesday, October 24. UC Davis veterinary specialists and the Sacramento Zoo veterinary team collaborated to correct a congenital eyelid defect known as coloboma. This ocular deformity is sometimes documented in snow leopards under human care. Coconut was also born with other birth defects that impact his mobility.

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